Pony rides!

Alright, who doesn’t love the opportunity to ride around on a pony, even for a short time? It might be for kids, but even an adult can find the love and fun in riding around on a tiny horse. These ponies are often used for fairs, parties, and camps.

These rides consist of an adult hand leading a pony around a fenced in enclosure, and the rides are often short so that every kid can get a turn. Ponies and children alike should be small, with tiny Shetland ponies being around the base size.

Children who ride ponies must be able to sit straight and hold their head up without help, and most camps accept kids around 3 years old to five years old.

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Most pony rides place a strong focus on safety, with two adults to a pony as well as helmets for the children. One trainer or staff member leads the horse around the enclosure, while the other adult handles the child and ensures that the equipment is secure and the child is safe.

The enclosures also have to be secure to prevent any pony escape acts from going on, and often wooden fences or pipe fencing will do to keep the animals secure and feeling comfortable.

Places to find a ride

Often, petting zoos, summer camps, and private parties offer pony rides for a child at a small cost. Simply searching for pony events temple tx will often get some results where ponies can be rented or a ride can be had.

Even with the popularity of other activities, pony rides are all still very important and relevant for young children. When a child asks for a pony ride of their own, parents can be secure that the practice of riding ponies will be close by.