How to pick the best kennel for your dog

Kennels often get a bad name with dog owners, making vacations much harder for owners as they are forced to leave their dogs behind. However, most boarding houses for dogs are good places that will make your dog happy and give owners peace of mind.

The thing to look out for is to ensure that the boarding house is one of the good ones, and there are certain questions to ask before committing your dog to the boarding house.

Ask about insurance

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Sometimes dogs get injured, either by accident or by another dog and when it happens at a boarding house, the owner of the injured dog could foot the bill. However, if the boarding house has insurance and is bonded, then the owner isn’t responsible for costs.

Asking for documents and talking about the insurance is something that owners should talk about, and if a kennel isn’t forthcoming with the information, then it often means it isn’t good for the dog.

See about the staff

Giving the kennel owners a glance and seeing if they look like dog owners, as well as asking about the animal training of the staff can help ensure that the animals will be cared for. While some Kennels hire volunteers from a high school or college, most kennels should have some staff certified for animal care.

Look at cleanliness

Seeing if the kennel looks clean, organized, and sanitary can help give you reassurance. A clean facility often shows that staff cares about the work they do and lowers the risk of any diseases or sicknesses for the dog.

Most kennels that are good for dogs will answer all the questions honestly and might even let you tour the facility. And that inspection can help dog boarding south pasadena ca or in any other state go off without a hitch, so both humans and dogs can enjoy a vacation.